Online Nutrition Coaching

Balancing Life and Fitness, in partnership with Precision Nutrition, offers a habit based nutrition coaching curriculum that works to build skills. Small changes are introduced along with lessons to guide you to build a healthier lifestyle.

Lessons and habits are tailored to your life - no cookie cutter meal plans, no dieting. Learn how to work healthier habits in the way you live, making the changes sustainable for the long term.

It all starts with an assessment...

As soon as you sign up for one of our plans, you will receive an email with an assessment that allows us to learn about you - what your goals are, what your lifestyle is, and what you see as your challenges to adopting healthier habits. Complete this on your own time and return it to us, then schedule your 30 minute phone call where we will review the assessment and work with you to pick the first habit to work on.​

Each week you will receive a new assignment.

Each week you will receive an email with a lesson for you to read as well as a small task associated to the habit you are working on. At the end of the week, we will check in via email, answering any questions you may have, reviewing how you did with your task assignment, and any new tasks needed. Every two weeks we will choose a new habit to work on.  

We'll wrap up the month with a phone check in.

The month ends with a 30 minute monthly phone check-in. This gives a chance to check progress and set the course for the next month.

Ready to get started?

The time to change your life is now! We offer several packages to suit your needs. Click below to check our options and pricing and get started today.